Sunday, February 05, 2006

LIA News Update

The Queer Action Coalition has posted an update to the most recent Love in Action news including this post with links accounts D.J. Butler's story which hit all the major press in Memphis.

Butler, a 17 year old who was forced by his parents to attend LIA/Refuge, escaped and ultimately was granted legal emancipation from his parents.

(NOTE: I cannot vouch for the accuracies in all these accounts. Sadly news providers are sloppy and generalize too much. One of the few journalists I trust to get the facts right is Eartha Melzer of the Washington Blade, who has yet to report on this story. Is she still at the Blade???)


At 1:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

E.J. has another post up where he quotes some corrections you gave him, and says that he had a chance to talk to the kid and the local TV news coverage tended to focus on the sensational aspects of his story. That's why I've not bothered reading anything but the few quotes from them I've seen out there. Like you, I am waiting for more detail, from more reliable sources.

E.J.'s account of the poor kid's state of mind at the moment is just heartbreaking. And angering. I had to go for a walk...


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